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Entertainment Law

Joe takes great pride in assisting clients on a variety of entertainment matters. Joe represents both the entrepreneurial entertainment clients (labels, recording studios, production companies, etc.) and the artists (be they musicians, writers, song writers, reality show personalities, visual artists, actors, producers, etc.).  Joe has an intense passion for art, music and film and sets out to approach legal and business problems in terms that artists can understand.  Joe can happily assist you with translating complex legal terms and concepts into everyday terms.  Joe has the education, training and skill set to negotiate, redline and execute any entertainment transaction and thus allow artistic clients to do what they do best, create.
Joes areas of Entertainment Law expertise includes, but is not limited to:
- Recording Agreements - Television Production Contracts - Film Production Contracts
- Music Publishing & Administration - Distribution Contracts & Negotiations - Product Sponsorship & Integration
- Venture Capital Negotiations - Agent Relationships - Electronic Media
- Emerging Media - Copyright Infringement - Idea Protection & Submissions
- Trademark Protection - Licensing & Merchandising - Appearance Releases
- Business Consulting - General Business Strategies - Business Incorporations