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DUI Defense

Joe Habachy has successfully defended more than one thousand DUI cases in various jurisdictions around the State of Georgia. Joe regularly takes DUI cases to trial and has a high success rate.  Many times these cases involve traffic accidents, eye witnesses, high blood alcohol (BAC) levels, prior arrests, and refusals.  Further, because of Joe’s reputation and expertise in DUI defense, and because Joe is known for taking DUI cases to trial, he is often able to secure a dismissal or reduction of charges.
Because you have only Ten (10) business days from the date of your arrest to defend your right to drive, do not delay. Call Georgia DUI Attorney Joe Habachy now to schedule a free private consultation.
Below is some basic information about DUI cases and defense in Georgia.  Should you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to call Joe at 404-523-6622.

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