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Criminal Defense

Federal Court:
Federal offenses are extremely serious. It is imperative that you contact a legally sophisticated and highly experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. If at all possible, you should secure an attorney before speaking with any Federal Agents.
Joe Habachy has worked with multiple Federal investigative agencies (DEA, ATF, ICE, FBI, and the Secret Service) and is familiar with the intricate investigative process typical in Federal matters. Joe can act as an intermediary between you and the investigative authorities, which oftentimes can result in more favorable treatment or, in some cases, a letter of declination, whereby the U.S. Attorney formally declines to prosecute. 
Joe Habachy is known for providing top-notch, quality legal representation in Federal prosecutions. He has handled Federal cases both in and out of Georgia. Regardless of the charges you or a family member are facing, Joe can provide aggressive defense, which may result in dismissed charges, reduced charges, or minimized punishment.
Joe Habachy offers an aggressive defense on all federal offenses including, but not limited to:
- Public Corruption - Cyberstalking - Tax Evasion - Asset Forfeiture
- Money Laundering - Counterfeiting - Criminal Enterprises - Environmental Law Violations
- Drug Trafficking - Insider Trading - Trade Secret Theft - Insurance Fraud
- Drug Mule - International Extradition - Kickbacks - Immigration Offenses
- Drug Importation - IRS Violations - Healthcare Fraud - Antitrust Violations
- RICO/Racketeering - Mortgage Fraud - Security Violations - Alien Smuggling
- Embezzlement - Extortion - Economic Espionage - Bribery
- International Crime - Perjury - Computer & Internet Crimes - Sex Crimes
- Conspiracy Cases - Security Violations - Grand Jury Proceedings - Child Pornography

State Court:
Being an effective criminal defense attorney is something that cannot be taught, it is learned in the trenches, one case and one client at a time. Joe Habachy has represented more than 2,000 clients since establishing his firm, and he provides individualized services tailored to each client.
If you have been accused of a crime, from misdemeanor drug possession to Murder, you can depend on Joe for experienced legal representation and personal service.
Joe Habachy offers high-quality legal defense of all state offenses in Georgia which includes, but not limited to:
- Drug Trafficking - Shoplifting - Probation Violations and Revocations
- Drug Possession - Assault and Battery - Parole Violations and Modifications
- Drug Possession with Intent to sell - Murder - Expungements
- DUI & DWI Defense - Vehicular Homicide - Bail and Bond Proceedings
- Theft - Sex Offenses - Sentence and Parole Modifications
- Grand Larceny - Sex Offender Requirements - Pardon Applications
- Burglary - Domestic Violence - Appeals & Habeas Corpus Proceedings
- Embezzlement - Juvenile Offenses - Employee Theft